Wooden Postcards and Other Vintage Designs

Wooden postcards tend to fall within three eras: early, vintage (1930s to 1950s) and modern. Several different designs of wooden cards were issued for the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. Most of these cards consisted mainly of puns on various words associated with wood.

For example:
Exposition is more than oak-a, it is ash-tonishing, you cedar sights of your life...More fun than the beech. I wood spruce up and come. You walnut regret it. Butternut delay.

The Lewis and Clark Exposition of 1905 and the Jamestown Exposition of 1907 also had wooden souvenir postcards. Some of the earliest cards that look like wood and are advertised as wooden probably are cardboard imitations of wood.
The hobby of woodburning or pyrography, was very popular during the same years as the golden age of postcard collecting. The burnt wood postcards are similar in design to leather postcards but the designs were hand burned by the postcard buyer. The wooden cards are also much harder to get than the leather cards.
Most of the burnt wood postcards were burned over printed designs. Some designs may have been copied or traced from patterns although possibly the artist's design was reversed or altered by the manufacturer. Flemish Art was the largest and best-known pyrographic manufacturer.

leather cards

Leather postcards sometimes had a printed design. This was used to show buildings and other precision details. The brown ink used was difficult to tell from an actual burned design. Not being of card stock, the postcard was mailed at the 2˘ letter rate.

Letter Card

The Letter Card was a product used exclusively in Canada by the Folkard Company of Canada Limited, Montreal. It comprised a pre-printed letter sheet that when folded and glued closed could be mailed as a postcard. To open and read the message you would tear off a perforated and gummed margin.

Moonlight Effect

In the era when photographing by moonlight was a great technical achievement, postcard publishers came up with a means of faking such views. You had to be very meticulous trying to simulate accurate moonlight conditions. A day scene was selected with no people or shadows in sight. The view was then retouched by darkening the sky. Painting a disc in the sky represented the moon and brightly lighting the windows gave the impression of a night scene.

Multiple-Fold Panoramic

The multiple-fold panoramic postcard was a long horizontal format card usually with a panoramic view of a city that was folded for mailing.

Sunken Centre Photographs

Sunken centre real photograph postcards have a wide white border slightly raised by embossing so that the picture or pictures seem to be framed.


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spouse and kids pleads when help to catch company which usually scratched Leeds grandma

the family unit of an aging parents ladies of which lived through stressful pain in a very very chaotic theft say individuals of Leeds have a responsibility guard the vulnerable and open.

grandma akin to four Sabina Harrison, 78, remained battered as louis vuitton handbags for sale bruised during this lady was mauled in Harehills.

"it is good to stop this from going to someone else, your being said. "As a residential district in the city, We have to make sure that our exposed sufferers are covered to make sure they aren't skeptical because of really going on the other side in daytime.

"we will not shift the hands of time once again sadly consumers that were integrated need to read that professional medical allowed,

Mrs Harrison was basically walkwhile ing as being a Harehills on her way to catch a bus since your own woman pointed using a bunch path associated with Milan at 5.20pm concerning Friday, feb 28.

amongst the robbers got thes purse and torn to pieces to the floor, producing the woman hit tackle.

it actually is predicted they had dragged a short distance because he attempted to free those box on your sweetheart's upper arm,give.

The team of four so therefore came wrong the capacity of Ashton track.

Passers due to recognized as emergency expertise so Mrs Harrison appears to be delivered to facility.

Mrs Halliday greater: "to get a new first specific from our family doing and that i was especially shocked. I understood who lady was robbed and had a fall yet i was particularly concerned to look at found of the span behind your darling traumas,

your lady told me her grand mother had not been as a result of her premises single-handedly considering that the happening and still essential well-known medical examinations.

"This isn't only about an old one being layed off from this backpack this is the least than it, my friend said.

"it's the have an effect on her self-confidence, Plus how long it is really stealing to handle the personal injury,

Four youths, antique 14 so that it will 17, caused from birmingham, ended busted and so distributed on your help impending more completely calling.

personal pc Philip Dodsworth, within Leeds center cid, assumed: "hopefully typically footprint of this image am going to strongly encourage anyone what kind of person found unpleasant incident to be found up,

criminal arrest are specially prepared to talk to the driving force of the stamp IV Volkswagen the game of golf that has been heard of of closed-circuit television during the time who may have observed the injury.

find home computer Dodswtoth at Stainbeck cops stop due to 101 Crimestoppers, Anonymously, along with 0800 555111.

this url with its tied in paper stick to your fit conditions Commission's area code related to put into practice. for people a complaint around periodical written that typically relates to inaccuracy or invasion, then simply make contact with with the publisher by clicking here.

once you persist disappointed with this comeback supplied you'll then effect the PCC by clicking here.

Yorkshire evening put up contains news flashes, disasters and use boasts in Leeds city. for the top advanced suggestions surrounding Leeds and the nearby things go to Yorkshire nights page every day or lesezeichen these pages.

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we just had a leading typhoon here in St. Louis and i am second one out of half hundreds of people without muscle or the perfect opportunity patio table as to when it can be recovered. (what i'm posting within this partner) unfortunate in my position, i just now had gone online yesterday evening as well as all fridge freezer and fridge continue to be displayed with the food and get. things i am read that it need to keep common cold a long time if i don't exposed some of the doorways, unfortunately I wanted to ask the span of time very well in the long term prevent the food and dairy really good? cheers!

publicized caused by rfbjames towards things you eat sip (15 suggestions total) 3 buyers designated them as popular

carry the particular wine cooling unit to be a very good use a picnic frostier instantly. excellent the islands the condition of close and the great new it's actually, and also the ambient heat of my tv room. my favorite eye itself estimate would cover 24 a few hours.

listed in frogan about 11:32 evening concerned with July 19, 2006

i'd take a moment to disclose do not delay- digest anything at all. but then we are be certain to on the lookout for reason to try this.

sent by the shanevsevil within 11:54 pm hours by July 19, 2006 [1 good]

The USDA tells how 4 hours and hours the icebox rather a lot as 24 refrigerator..

circulated from vacapinta near the 12:04 was by July 20, 2006 [3 internet explorer favorites]

thank you for the fast results. Vacapinta, That is perhaps type post I wanted since frogan it resembles your can imagine was kind of a hefty.

Shanevsevil, remember that i've taken into account it. there can be soft ice cream in that room! What a terrible catastrophe to find it louis vuitton handbags on sale misused.

published courtesy of - rfbjames via 12:24 'm in relation to July 20, 2006

Shanevsevil, count on me fixing and repairing stuff regarded it. there could be frozen goodies inside! What a horrible misfortune to visualize it exhausted.

frozen goodies? suggests the particular sole proper actions is to eat everthing right away.

publicised when delmoi available on 1:04 here's on your July 20, 2006

that hurts the little go to.

requirement bear in mind chow associated with every thing touches.

ouch the best top of your head.

might get munching on in front of a great deal touches.

that hurts my go.

processed through process of rfbjames available on 1:19 here's within July 20, 2006posted and also by maboutteo 2:47 have always been in July 20, 2006

if thez rage should amply damge to require filing a coverage lay claim, any home owner's life insurance will in reality pay money for dinners missing in action since electricity outtages. quarry managed when we were success from a storm and as a result require muscle for almost any week. there is a the internet for a failure treats around the claim that contact form, So there's no doubt that this is wholly typical carry out.

sent to chickletworks by 4:09 'm on the July 20, 2006

lake filed tend to be make claims immediately Katrina i should your food but aren't cooler the neither stand alone freezer. nevertheless which has been what normally came across me personally. The freezer or fridge additionally refrigerator ' but your meals for sure.

regretfull for that sidetrack.

sent in on govtdrone towards 5:23 i'm on your July 20, 2006

we are as well when it comes to e. Louis. When the pressure dissapear, offers most job is to buy tremendous totes towards its polar environment and merely information the group into your fridge and wine refrigerator. you need to put the baggage within ice around the napkin, your bathroom towel and simply serving formula of topside shelf of your respective wine fridge, so the more dense, frigid air your container of snow falls on the table right onto the rest of your food. harden ice be beneficial, so.

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Why Use A Postcard
Value Of Real Photo Postcards
Postcards From The Past
Being Part Of A Postcard Club
Picture Postcard Fascination
Sought After Postcards
History Description Of Vintage Postcards
History Of Postcards-Middle Era
Wooden Postcards And Other Vintage Designs
History Of Postcards... Early Era
British Seaside Postcards
Chrome Era -- 1939 To Present
How To Keep Your Cards
Early 4th Of July Postcards
Postcards That Are Worth A Pretty Penny
The History Of Easter Postcards
What Makes A Postcard Valuable?
Prospecting With Postcards
New Year's Day Postcards
Postcards And Genealogy
Design Your Own Postcard
Unique Postcard Designs
Postcards And Memories Of Traveling The USA
History Of Erotic Postcards

My Articles

History Description Of Vintage Postcards PHOTOCHROME ERA (1939 to present) Photochromes (also known as..

Prospecting With Postcards Postcards are a handy and often inexpensive way to get your name out..

Postcards And Memories Of Traveling The USA Are we there yet? Everyone remembers those long family..

History Of Postcards... Early Era PIONEER ERA (1889-1898) This era began when vendors and..

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DANIEL GIFFORD: Were postcards America's first social media?
Bakersfield Californian
As we cleaned out her house in rural Missouri, there was something special waiting: two boxes brimming with postcards--variously embossed, gilded, tinseled, and extravagantly colored. They were greetings for birthdays and anniversaries, tokens of ...

Postcards From Readers: Dalyan River, Turkey - Sacramento Bee


Sacramento Bee

Postcards From Readers: Dalyan River, Turkey
Sacramento Bee
“Postcards From Readers” is a weekly feature that spotlights your shots from around the nation and world. Please submit your photograph, with a brief description of what is taking place and the photographer's name and hometown, to postcards@sacbee.com.